Friday, May 28, 2010

Journals- Keeping Your Memory

Looking back at everything you wrote in the past is exciting.  You can see how you have progressed in many aspects including grammar, handwriting, content, and opinions.  Also, journals can be your personal memory when you get older of your past experiences.

If you have ever read a journal/diary of others you understand that no matter what their life was like, it is interesting to read about.  Almost as interesting as the writer themselves finds it.  Keeping a journal will help you recall what happened that day or week and appreciate the events that occurred more.

You might have thought writing in a journal would bring a thrill.  it is actually a really hard habit to get into, and even harder if your of a younger age.  Just try it.  After a couple of weeks you'll already find fascination in what you have written.

What to write?  Some people don't think their day was interesting enough.  Here are some ideas:
Summary- Write about the events that took place that day and your thoughts on them.

Innovation- Write about the new idea you have to make something better.

Imagination- Write about a superhero or something.

People- Write about what your thoughts of certain people are.

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